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More than just insurance. Pacific Cross provides peace of mind.

Pacific Cross International brings over 65 years of experience to the health and travel insurance industry in Asia providing health insurance to over 120,000+ people, representing over 50 nationalities, living in over 40 countries. In 2015 the group provided travel insurance for 3,500,000 travel days for over 500,000+ people.

Health Insurance Coverage

(July 2016 statistic)

Insured Members



Travel Insurance

123,052 Trips insured. Representing 3,500,000 travel days for over 500,000+ people

24% Europe
34% North America
2% Middle East
31% Asia
9% Asia Pacific

Excellence - Stability - Experience - A Partnership of Trust

Pacific Cross International represent Excellence, Stability, Experience and A Partnership of Trust 

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To find out more about our insurance services, specific operating entities or the group as a whole please contact us.   

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